SeekOps delivers the emissions data you need quickly, affordably, and safely to keep your system operating at peak performance.

Our advanced sensor technology allows our customers to meet the most rigorous operational and regulatory demands while safeguarding valuable resources.

SeekOps Technology Delivers

Emissions Data

Health Environment & Safety

Methane is a flammable gas and field teams work hard to minimize employee exposure to methane while also ensuring facilities have a minimal greenhouse gas footprint. Current methane detection methods often involve a person holding a thermal camera in harm’s way, and the SeekOps team has solved that problem with our integration of robotics for detection, localization and quantification.

Asset Integrity

Waiting until a failure occurs on an industrial site can be catastrophic. The integration of regular inspection protocols allows operations teams to detect problem areas early before they impact production. Aerial inspections with our sensor and drone package are executed rapidly by our team as service providers or by your in-house flight team, helping minimize downtime especially when compared to manual thermal camera data capture.

Product Loss

Deployment of SeekOps sensors helps keep clients’ products in their sales lines, allows clients to quantify what leaks are costing, and enables clients to execute the proper level of response to a leak with a real, accurate measurement that can be rapidly repeated. Our standard for measurement on how much gas is being lost from a leak leads the industry with an accuracy of +/-15%.

We leverage our technology and oil and gas industry expertise enabling customers to:

  • Ensure system safety
  • Maintain mass balance and peak performance
  • Meet or exceed regulatory compliance requirements

Today’s practice of sending field teams to inspect for leaks is time consuming and dangerous; and using thermal cameras means having to look through hours of video without guaranteeing meaningful results.

With SeekOps, you get the data you need quickly, in a format which integrates easily with your existing control software to provide you with actionable results.

Our Solution

Our sensor and drone system is supported by our proprietary data analytics software to provide efficient and comprehensive emission inspection services.

Detection – Our sensors can be deployed on the ground or via our complete aerial drone solution, with the lowest false positives of any solution on the market.

Location – When emissions are detected, exact locations of the leaks are available in our software and reports.

Quantification – In addition to location, our analytics engine provides measurement of leak flow accurate to within +/- 15%.

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