SeekOps Mission

There is increasing market demand for leak detection technologies and services to conserve product and meet regulatory requirements. SeekOps provides technologies that can be used to detect, locate, and quantify leaks with high fidelity, and provides leak detection services using efficient aerial sniffing, handheld detection and more, with a focus on the oil and gas industry.

Full Service from Data Collection to Reporting

Our experienced UAS field teams only work in the energy sector where Health, Environment, and Safety are paramount. Our pilots are experts in oilfield drone deployment and will operate safely every mission.

SeekOps has conducted missions globally including United States, Canada, Europe, and the Middle East.

The Focus of SeekOps Technology

Our product roadmap is focused on using our miniaturized sensors to detect more types of emissions and on packaging our sensors in a variety of ways on the ground, on vehicles, and in the air so that they can be easily deployed in the field. Our solutions meet the mission critical demands of the oil and gas environment.


SeekIR® is SeekOps proprietary miniaturized methane sensor with ultra accurate resolution for leak grading. Paired with our software suite, hyper-accurate GPS, and custom algorithms, the SeekIR package offers localized, quantified emissions leak data for field operations.

SeekOps SeekIR sensors are 100x lighter and 1000x more sensitive than other miniature sensor technologies and are uniquely suited for deployment on drones. SeekIR reliably detects natural gas emissions as low as 1 SCFH at distances up to 300 feet. 

Our systems operate in concert with our custom data analytics suite, to rapidly localize point source emissions and quantify or grade emissions rates. Data access and archival is provided in near-real-time through a secure online portal, streamlining reporting and record keeping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Drones provide the smallest, safest, and most effective way to position our sensor technology in 3D space, ensuring comprehensive emission inspection surveys each and every time. Our end-to-end service offerings have been independently validated to be more efficient and effective than the status quo. Autonomous UAS flight modes provide for rapid and repeatable inspection operations, especially in areas which are difficult to access.

Our focus is on gas detection, but our team also conducts aerial data collection (visual, LiDAR, and thermal) for many energy-sector clients, both in concert with gas detection and as separate services. This allows clients to leverage our oil and gas industry expertise, cut down on vendors, and reduce downtime from inspection flights.  Contact Us to learn more

The SeekIR technology was developed at NASA by the founders of SeekOps. SeekOps has customized the core technology to be ideally suited for commercial emissions inspection to find and investigate leaks rapidly and accurately. Our team has extensive experience in the oil and gas industry originally through field trial applications and now in widespread operational use as a commercial solution.  Learn About SeekOps