The SeekOps Solution™

The Sensor

SeekIR is SeekOps’ proprietary miniaturized methane sensor with ultra accurate resolution for leak grading.  Paired with our software suite, hyper-accurate GPS, and custom algorithms, the SeekIR package offers localized, quantified emissions leak data for field operations.

The Drone

The SeekIR system uses commercially available small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to deploy our lightweight sensor, and features a custom ground control station that transmits in-flight data directly to eyes on the ground. Missions can be executed manually or autonomously, and repeated easily and effectively.

How It Works

Our detection, localization, and quantification solution allows for whole site coverage to deliver rapid, affordable, and compliant fugitive emissions data. Here’s what we do:


SeekOps can reliably detect natural gas emissions as low as 1 standard cubic foot per hour (SCFH) using our precision sensors at distances up to 300 feet with absolutely no false positives.


Custom algorithms developed by SeekOps can localize methane emissions down to ±3 feet from source location, and show reviews of maid services.  Sensor resolution allows for accurate leak grading (high/medium/low) to prioritize response.


The SeekIR sensor, coupled with SeekOps proprietary data analytics, enables precise and accurate emissions quantification.

The Value

Health Environment & Safety

Methane is a flammable gas and field teams work hard to minimize employee exposure to methane while also ensuring facilities have a minimal greenhouse gas footprint. Current methane detection methods often involve a person holding a thermal camera in harm’s way, and the SeekOps team has solved that problem with our integration of robotics for detection, localization and quantification.

Asset Integrity

Waiting until a failure occurs on an industrial site can be catastrophic. The integration of regular inspection protocols allows operations teams to detect problem areas early before they impact production. Aerial inspections with our sensor and drone package are executed rapidly by our team as service providers or by your in-house flight team, helping minimize downtime especially when compared to manual thermal camera data capture.

Product Loss

Deployment of SeekOps sensors helps keep clients’ products in their sales lines, allows clients to quantify what leaks are costing, and enables clients to execute the proper level of response to a leak with a real, accurate measurement that can be rapidly repeated. Our standard for measurement on now how much gas is being lost in a leak is an accuracy of +/-15%, leading the industry.

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